Understanding The Levy and How It Impacts You

With Mitre, Market Leaders for Apprenticeships in the Sports & Stadia sector

What is the Levy?

The Levy is a new tax that the Government will be applying from April 2016 to help fund Apprenticeships. This new tax will be applied to both private and public sector organisations with annual payrolls >£3m. 

Will I Be Effected & How?

Regardless of your payroll value, yes you will be effected but in different ways.

Employers with an annual payroll >£3m – you will be required to contribute to the Apprenticeship Levy. 

Employers with an annual payroll <£3m – you will not pay into the Levy.

However, the way your chosen training provider accesses funding for your Apprenticeships training differs.

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Calculating How Much You Will Pay


The Levy will be applied at 0.5% of annual payroll for employers with payrolls over £3m. For example:

If you have a payroll of e.g. £100m, 0.5% of payroll = £500k. 

If you have a payroll of e.g. £10m, 0.5% of Payroll = £50k.  

The amount you pay into the Levy then dictates how much funding you will have in your own Digital Account to spend on Apprenticeship training in your own organisation.

Click here to view the SFA Levy Calculator.

So How Do I Work With Training Providers?

You will need to work with training providers who are on a new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).  If you will be paying the Levy, you will be able to use an Online Portal to identify approved providers who can deliver your apprenticeships for you. You can speak to multiple providers until you identify the one(s) you want to work with. Click here to read more.

What Can The Funding Be Used For?


Whether you will be paying into the Levy or not, the funding can be used to train new Apprentices or existing staff who do an apprenticeship training programme as part of their workforce development. For example, you may want to use this funding to support a holistic workforce training programme including management, leadership, customer service, technical apprenticeships etc.

How Can Mitre help?

As leaders in the sector, we are here to help you through all elements of the planning, development and implementation of the Levy, regardless of whether you will be paying in or not. We can Provide guidance & tailored advice for your company and support you through preparation and implementation of the Levy. To find out more abut how we can help - Click here. 

Our Sport & Stadia Apprenticeships Include:

Coach Education | Sports Development | Youth Work | Hospitality
Admin & Customer Service | Sporting Excellence | Stewarding
Management inc Senior Management | Leadership | Sales & Marketing

PE & School Sport | Improving Business Performance | Teaching and Learning


If you would like us to support and deliver any of these Apprenticeship programmes for new or existing staff while they are still publicly funded, please contact us whilst limited funding is still available.

you wish to take on an apprentice while they are still publicly funded, before these changes take place – please contact us as limited funding is still available

If you would like to speak or meet with us to identify the impact of the Levy for your business, the options you have to maximize the funding you have access to and would like to know which Apprenticeships we can deliver with/for you, please contact us. We look forward to supporting many Clubs/Trusts through this transition, whether you will be paying into the Levy or not.


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